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Due to Various Circumstances, We're Delaying GFT

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Hey folks, sorry for the slow update with Prof. Lily and GFT. Some bad news but good news too.

As the title says, we will not be able to release GFT this year. Development is still ongoing! We just had a lot of hiccups and needed a long break.

A bit about our situation: COVID-19 caused our production and motivation to basically die for a while. We've also had to each look for income in our own ways. Most of our members had to get "day jobs" before we could do anything else. Such is the reality of living under capitalism. [yep, i'm now working as a programmer! yay. —saori]

And for those following our personal accounts closely, you may have learned the main writer of GFT (Kastel) and the programmer (Len) got COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. Despite precautions, a maskless nationstate is still a maskless nationstate.

It is thus unfortunate to say that, yes, we will have to push GFT to perhaps next year. We are sorry if you are looking forward to this work. We've been reading your comments on the demo and elsewhere and we are happy to hear that people are looking forward to it. But we realized we shouldn't rush it to meet the deadline, not with two of the staff still recovering from post-viral symptoms. We hope people will be understanding about game development during this frustrating period of human history.

That said, we are reinvigorated and would like to release a second demo in the following months. We've figured out some stuff we were unsatisfied with the development and we're looking forward to sharing it.

We'll also be setting up a Tumblr in anticipation of a certain muskrat ruining a major platform we're using.

Lastly, our team has been helping out with a fellow visual novel team on the sideline. Queen Beast will be coming out on Steam and for free, and we're excited to see this fantasy title come alive. We are comrades with the artist of the game and would love to see it succeed.

And if you have the chance, make sure to check the staff room and extras: Len has been commissioned to draw a CG for the game while Kastel has a little staff page as a QA Tester. You can even find Prof. Lily in the staff page too!

Hopefully, things will be better for us all. After GFT, we have ideas for a visual novel headed by Saori. There are many radical leftist theories we've been discussing in the chat to prepare for this work. [geez, no pressure or anything!! —saori] It's going to be exciting once we're able to get back and start working on VNs again.

Until then,
Prof. Lily and Her Team Members