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Prof. Lily is a visual novel collective, inspired by Japanese adventure games. Our goal is to tell stories that face our harsh subcultural reality head-on. We are:



I'm curry/冒険者C. My dad tried to give me money after seeing how I live so I may be heading down the Musicus bad end irl


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I studied political violence and international development for my master's degree, which is why I'm writing yuri.



I'm Len. I live in a little hole in the ground. There's a sign next to it that says "Shame pit". Sometimes people feed me scraps by throwing them down the hole. I also have a computer, that's in the hole with me. I handle the programming and visual elements for GFT.



hi, people just call me rika. I play gacha games because there are cute girls in it. share if you love girls.


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hello, i'm saori, a trans woman from the global south! after decades struggling with adhd, i finally have it under control and am ready to write all the stories that have been fermenting in my head all this time!!

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proflilyvn (at) gmail (dot) com

Feel free to reach us at the email address above or via our Twitter account.